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How About a Bike Ride?

10 Ways That Biking Is Better Than Walking

Remember that triumphant moment when the training wheels came off your bike? Accomplishment. Freedom. The world was your oyster, and the only limit was how far you could pedal—or how far Mom would let you go.

Maybe you took a ten-speed to college so you could get from your dorm to your classes in a jiffy, and that was the last time you can remember riding on two wheels. If life’s intervened since—and you’re looking for a reason to hop back on for the sheer joy of it—let the staff at Play It Again Sports in Palatine set you up with the right bike and biking equipment.

After all, there are many reasons why biking is better than walking. Here’s our top 10:

#1: Get there faster.

The average adult walks briskly between 3-4 miles per hour. Even a beginner or inexperienced cyclist can cover 10-12 mph with relatively little training. Do the math: you’ll go at least three times faster by bike than you will on foot.

#2: Cover more ground.

You’ll be able to go much further by bike than you will by foot. Perhaps you want to take Metra to the city, but you live too far to walk to the station. Bike it! Many stations offer bike parking for free—just bring a lock.

#3: Run more errands.

The more ground you cover, the more you accomplish. Hit the farmers market, drop off the library books, grab a coffee, pick up a gift for a friend, all by bike. It’s easy if you have a backpack, a bike bag, or even a plastic milk crate hooked up to the back of your bike.

#4: Burn more calories.

Biking burns significantly more calories than walking: on average, an adult burns double the calories each hour. A Harvard Nurses Health study reported that women especially can benefit: some women in their 30s and 40s may have an easier time keeping weight off if biking is a regular part of a fitness routine.

#5: Build stronger legs.

Biking builds leg strength, especially if you incorporate some faster biking, some uphill riding, or longer rides. You’ll reap the rewards of strength and definition in your muscles.

#6: Tow the kids or ride as a family.

Quick trips to the park or pool? Longer rides with scenic views? Rent or purchase a bike trailer and bring the kids along, or outfit everyone with a bike if yours are older. See us in store for new and used equipment for all ages. 

#7: Make new friends.

Join a local biking group, meet new friends, and log some new miles together.

#8: Bike the preserves.

You can ride over 100 miles on paved trails in the Forest Preserves of Cook County—a haven for cyclists of any ability level.

#9: Bike the drive.

On Memorial Day weekend each year, you and thousands of other area cyclists have a chance to bike Lake Shore Drive for Bike the Drive. It doesn’t get closed down for walkers!

#10: Set—and reach—an ambitious goal.

There’s nothing like achievement to make you feel euphoric. Whether you want to cycle around Busse Woods for the first time or complete a 100-mile road race, goals abound. It’s up to you to reach them.

Have we convinced you yet that biking is better than walking? Play It Again Sports Palatine stocks new and used bicycles and bicycle equipment so you can make the most of the summer season. From cruiser bikes to road bikes to kids’ bikes, you can find what you need at our Palatine store. Our bikes and biking equipment are top-quality at a price you can’t beat.

If you’re new, or you’re returning to biking after a long hiatus, trust us to help outfit you for your goals. Our staff members pride themselves on knowing just what you’ll need for whatever kind of biking suits your fitness level and lifestyle. We’ll make sure you have the essentials, and that they’ll perform for you. 

Stop in and see us at Play It Again Sports in Palatine for buying and selling new and used bikes and biking equipment, as well as your other sports needs. We’re open 7 days a week, conveniently located at 315 E. Northwest Highway and reached by phone at 847-221-8260.


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