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Disc Golf

Teaching Your Friend the Finer Points of Disc Golf


Disc golf has quickly become a very popular game. With nearly 230 courses here in the Chicagoland area, players have many options. What happens when you’re passionate about your game and want to introduce your friend, child or spouse to the sport? It’s natural to want to share your enthusiasm, so think carefully about how you can introduce a newbie and make your passion for the game infectious.

Disc golf (sometimes called Frisbee golf) is a flying disc game. It’s a sport requiring precision and accuracy. During play, individual players throw a flying disc at targets throughout the course. The goal is to proceed through the course from beginning to end with the fewest number of throws in getting the disc into the target.

Tips for Sharing Your Love of Disc Golf

Tip 1: Give your friend a taste of the game.

The first step in introducing your friend to disc golf is to get him or her out to the course with you to experience the game firsthand. It’s one thing for you to describe in exact detail what a disc golf course and game might be like, but it’s quite another for you to take advantage of a beautiful day and introduce your friend to the finer points of the game.

Tip 2: Shop for disc golf equipment.

When you own your own equipment, you feel a greater sense of obligation to use it. You might bring your friend to Play It Again Sports in Palatine to shop for his or her own equipment. If your friend is a true newbie, or perhaps looking to improve his or her play, you might select discs in slower speeds, such as midranges and fairway drivers.

Tip 3: Give your friend space to practice.

Let’s face it: no one loves having an expert looking over his or her shoulder. Don’t be the overbearing friend who has some piece of advice for every shot. Help your friend choose discs and work out the mechanics of his or her shot. You can give a few well-meaning pointers here or there, but leave space for your friend’s love of the game to grow.

Tip 4: Make home practice fun.

Play It Again Sports offers a range of new and used disc golf equipment, including disc golf goals that you can purchase for home practice. You can practice with a game of H-O-R-S-E or introduce some friendly competition into your home or local disc golf club practice. How about if the person with the better score buys lunch or the next round at the bar?

Tip 5: Introduce your friend to the local disc golf community.

A wider circle of friends and players elevates skill levels and the taste for competition. You might introduce your friend to area disc golf clubs and whet his or her appetite for local tournament play.

Whether you’re looking to share your passion for disc golf with your spouse or friends, or you’d like to upgrade your own equipment, stop in and see us. Play It Again Sports in Palatine buys and sells new and used disc golf equipment, including bags, discs, and targets. We’re open 7 days a week, conveniently located at 315 E. Northwest Highway and reached by phone at 847-221-8260.

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